HNA Group International Talent Program 2017


Our HNA, Your World


Beijing | 北京


19:00-21:00 Friday, 22 September

Sunlight Hall, Yingjie International Exchange Centre, PKU

9月22日 星期五 19:00-21:00

北京大学 英杰国际交流中心阳光大厅


 About HNA 关于海航

 HNA Industry Groups 海航产业集团

 Our Values价值理念

 Company Awards and Recognition 雇主荣誉

 ITP Overview ITP项目概览

• Who We are Looking For 所需人才

• What to Expect项目优势

• ITP Development and Excellence 比优秀更优秀

• Life at HNA工作在海航




About HNA Group 关于海航

Through more than 20 years of development, HNA Group has evolved from a traditional enterprise as a regional airline based on Hainan Island into an international multi-industry conglomerate. This transformation has taken place as a result of international investments with a strategic focus on air travel, hospitality, tourism, real estate, commodity retail, finance, logistics, shipbuilding, eco-tech, and media and entertainment.




HNA Group is composed of seven sub-groups: Technology, Tourism, Capital, Holdings, Modern Logistics, Innovation Finance, and Innovation Media & Entertainment. HNA International, located in Hong Kong, is a critical platform for HNA Group's overarching international development strategy. These seven sub-groups collectively employ over 400,000 staff worldwide, control or own shares in 19 airlines, possess a fleet of more than 1250 aircraft, fly to over 260 cities worldwide, operate or have a stake in over 3100 hotels globally, are responsible for operating 13 airports, and manage the world’s largest container leasing group and the world’s fourth-largest aircraft leasing group.




In July 2017, HNA Group placed in the Global Fortune 500 for the third time, ranking #170 with annual revenue of $53 billion (USD). The 2017 ranking marked a jump of 183 positions in just one year.




HNA Group has been honored to have national leaders from around the world witness the signing of numerous HNA contracts, including contracts that have allowed it to operate flights between Beijing and Lisbon, Beijing and Manchester, Shanghai and Brussels, and Beijing and Berlin. HNA has also embraced international markets in other ways by acquiring International Currency Exchange, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Ingram Micro Inc., and Gategroup; by becoming the largest single shareholder of Hilton Worldwide and Deutsche Bank; by joining hands with Uber through strategic cooperation; and by establishing a joint venture with Rocket Space.


海航集团代表曾在多国国家领导人见证下签署北京=里斯本、北京=曼彻斯特、上海=布鲁塞尔北京=柏林等航线协议。近年,海航走向海外市场,收购全球最大航空地面服务及货运服务供应商Swissport、英国ICE货币兑换公司、瑞士Gategroup航食集团、美国Carlson Rezidor酒店集团、英迈集团(Ingram Micro Inc.2016年《财富》230强企业),成为希尔顿酒店集团德意志银行单一最大股东,与Uber达成战略合作,与硅谷RocketSpace组建合资公司等等。


As HNA Group has grown into a large international corporation, it has maintained a stark commitment to strong CSR practices. One of HNA Group’s key CSR initiatives is HNA Brightness Action, which has helped over 6000 cataract patients from around the world to regain their sight in regions including the Tibetan Plateau, Xinjiang, and Inner-Mongolia, as well as areas in Africa and Southeast Asia. In 2016, HNA Group initiated the Nepal World Culture Heritage Program in conjunction with UNESCO and worked with UNICEF on the Love Gift Program. To date, HNA Group has donated over $1.5 billion (USD) to charities.




In 2017, HNA Group extended its cooperation with the United Nations (UN) on several projects, including increasing support for higher education in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative with UNESCO, assisting Syrian refugees through the UN World Food Programme, and establishing exemplar villages in Hainan for fighting poverty with the UN Development Programme. In total, $16 million (USD) was contributed to these initiatives.



Our Values价值理念

HNA Group is a company that is full of depth and compassion. We are transforming HNA Group into a company which symbolizes belief and is full of vitality. We strive to share our prosperous development and encourage others to feel proud of our success. HNAers are a group of people with mutual ideals, beliefs, pursuits and a common philosophy. This unity and strength allows us to reach our goals, inspiring others and enabling HNAers to work together to fulfill our two collective dreams – the betterment of humankind and world peace.



4 Commons:

Common Ideal – We work to benefit human well-being and world peace.

Common Beliefs – Good people will be blessed. People must seek to master their own lives and seek to make their own decisions. We believe in truth, goodness, beauty and boundless love.

Common Pursuit – We aim to be recognized by the public, participated in by the public, shared by the public, and achieved by the public.

Common Philosophy – We value integrity, performance and innovation.








Ten Principles

Harmony is the reason for groups to flourish;

Perseverance is the rule to sturdy progress;

Careful recipe is the best medicine to health;

Forgiveness is most needed in dispute;

Kindness to youth endows the superior with virtue;

Diligence leads research to accession of knowledge;

Sincerity is the fundamental to daily life;

Modesty is always the best policy to walk in the world;

Preparation keeps the foster away;

Conduct roots upon cautiousness.









n Company Awards and Recognition 雇主荣誉

Named one of China’s “Most Admired Enterprises” (2015-2016);

HNA Group was selected three times as a case for inclusion in Harvard Business Review;

Named one of the Top 20 Best Employers in China;

Global Partnership Impact Award by AIESEC;

Named one of the “100 Employers of Excellence” in China;

Excellence in HR Management Strategy Award (2016);

Hainan Airlines (a HNA Group sub-industry company) has ranked Top 3 in JACDEC’s “World’s Safest Airlines”;

Hainan Airlines has been certified as a SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline for 7 consecutive years.












ITP Overview ITP项目概览

★ Qualities We are Looking For所需人才 ★

Inclusivity & Diversity


Ready for Change


Dare to Explore


Embrace Challenges


Cross-cultural Experience


Job Functional Areas: Finance, Investment, Accounting, Auditing, Strategic Planning, HR, IT Development, Marketing, Branding, and others.

Other Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree or above with strong academic background;

2. Native English speaker or IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 85/TOEIC 700/ TEM 8 or above;

3. Multiple years of experience living or working overseas;

4. Candidates who demonstrate leadership ability are preferred.

5. Basic Chinese or experience with China is a plus, but not required.






2. 达到雅思6.5分、新托福85分、托业700分、英语专业八级或同等及以上水平。









★ What to Expect项目优势 ★

Onward and Upward: You will be working in a Fortune 500 company, with offices located in Zurich, London, New York, Hong Kong, Haikou, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, with a passionate and positive work environment with strong growth potential.

Multinational & Multi-Business Experience: You will be enrolled in a program that includes multiple job rotations over an 18-to-24-month period, with placement opportunities in aviation, hospitality, tourism, real estate, finance and capital investment, logistics, and eco-IT across the globe.

Development-Oriented: While working at HNA, you will be guided by mentors, receive international professional training, participate in workshops and industry research, enrolled in talent exchange projects, etc.

Limitless Promotion Potential: Focusing on skill cultivation and personal development, HNA Group values those with talent potential and provides various paths for upward mobility.

Competitive Benefits: As our business expands, employee benefits also expand, including but not limited to housing benefits, discount flight tickets for employees and their relatives, internal financial services, mutual funds, and holiday bonuses, among other benefits.








n ITP Development and Excellence 比优秀更优秀

HNA Career Accelerator

1. ITP Orientation

All ITPers will have the opportunity to participate in orientation training which will take place in Beijing, Shanghai or Haikou. You will have the opportunity to meet your fellow ITP cohort and learn about HNA by participating in workshops to understand more about HNA’s history and development, our corporate culture and organizational structure. You will also participate in fun team-building activities to allow you to get to know other ITPers.

2. Fresher Training

In addition to ITP orientation training, there will be further opportunities within your department for training and development along with the opportunity to gain professional accredited qualifications.

3. Training for Middle Level Management

In cooperation with the US-based GE Group and the UK-based Rolls-Royce, leadership training is organized for high potential employees to develop their international vision and international management concepts. Up to this year, three training events have been held for a total of 75 employees.

4. Training for Senior Level Management

In partnership with top global management schools including Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Cornell University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and INSEAD, HNA provides senior management levels with chances to take part in a series of training courses. These trainings are designed for respective functions and include courses in corporate governance, merger integration, compliance management and business model innovation.

5. Talent Pool

For high potential employees, training projects are organized in cooperation with City University Hong Kong, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Economics and Management and Kenexa, to cultivate general management and professional skills. In 2016, 700 employees were selected to receive this training.    

6. Continuing Education

Up to 2017, eight EMBA and MBA academic training projects have been organized in cooperation with Peking University, University College London, University of New South Wales, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Xiamen University and Xi’an Jiao Tong University.



1. ITP入职培训 – 海航企业发展历程、企业文化、组织架构,迅速搭建海航人脉。

2. ITP新人培训 – 各产业集团将围绕创新能力、管理能力、个人影响力等核心素质开发ITP潜能,同时开展跨界对标、行业研究、专业技巧等业务能力培养。

3. 中基层培训 – 与美国GE集团、英国罗罗集团合作举办领导力培训,持续为集团培养高潜质国际化人才,开拓国际化视野,学习国际化管理理念。

4. 高层管理人才培训 - 与哈佛大学、剑桥大学、康奈尔大学、宾夕法尼亚大学、纽约大学、INSEAD等全球顶级商学院合作,按业务体系举办专项培训班,对企业治理、并购整合、合规管理、商业模式创新等方面进行了深入的学习研究。

5. 人才选拔培养项目 – 已开展“金鹰”计划、“鸿鹄”计划、“鲲鹏”计划等人才选拔项目,与香港城市大学、上海交大经管学院、肯耐珂萨等知名院校机构合作,通过外送学习、挂职锻炼、外企交流、参观标杆企业等方式培养通用管理类及专业技能类人才,2016年共选拔培养700余名各层级后备高潜质人才。

5. 学历提升项目 – 海航集团已与北京大学、伦敦大学学院、新南威尔士大学、上海交通大学、复旦大学、中国人民大学、厦门大学、西安交通大学等国内外一流院校达成协议,合作组织举办EMBA、MBA项目共8个。


Life at HNA工作在海航

案例一Jared A. Mazzanti

姓名Jared A. Mazzanti 




Name: Jared A. Mazzanti

University: University of California, Berkeley / Central South University

Location: Haikou

Current Rotation: Human Resources Department, HNA Group Headquarters


One of my most memorable and rewarding experiences at HNA was working on our new IEI summer internship program. HNA Group Headquarters hosted participants from countries and schools all over the world, and I served as an intermediary helping bridge the cultural gap between East and West. Through this program, I was able to test the leadership skills I have developed during my last year with HNA and used them to solve a wide-array of HR issues that any future manager will undoubtedly experience.


Everyone has their own set of personal and professional goals, and ITP can help you achieve those goals. HNA will provide you with new and exciting challenges that you have probably never imagined, and you should be prepared to consider the opportunities that arise. Moreover, working in HNA’s offices in China will expose you to new situations you would be unlikely to see in your home country, giving you the tools to think outside of the box and approach problems in new ways.



案例2:Jan Heidrich

姓名:Jan Heidrich




Name: Jan Heidrich

University: University of Cambridge

Location: Beijing

Current Rotation: CSR Department, HNA Group Headquarters


The learning curve is steep, the pace is fast, and the environment is highly supportive of young graduates and the various skills they can bring to the table.


You will be joining an ambitious Chinese conglomerate undergoing a rapid transition towards becoming a corporation that not only acts but also thinks globally. As individuals with broad international experience and a well-defined skillset, you will be sure to be given a multitude of opportunities. Welcome to the HNA Group!




姓名:彭玉成Joe Peng




Name: Joe Peng

University: University of Chicago

Location: Shanghai

Current Rotation: Strategy Development Department, HNA Technology Group Co., Ltd.


I am particularly attracted to HNA Technology, which is an international and fast-developing company at the cutting edge of technology and business, and I believe it can provide me numerous prospects for my future career. I am especially interested in ITP because it offers opportunities for graduates to gain international industry-leading training and real-world working experience. Having access to experienced professionals, mentors and buddies provides the support and motivation needed for me to achieve my full potential.









Name: Sedna Wang

University: Peking University/ESSEC

Location: Beijing

First Rotation: Business Development Department, HNA Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd.


I was lucky enough to join the acquisition project of two luxury resorts located in Tahiti after only two short weeks with HNA. It convinced me that HNA is a company willing to offer the young generation opportunities and trust. Diverse possibilities for my career are undoubtedly on the way.


To be honest, it’s not possible for a single company to meet the diverse needs of all different kinds of job candidates. HNA already has 20 years of history, but it is still a young member of Global Fortune 500, making it an ideal stage for young professionals with international vision, ambition and ability. So if you are good at listening, willing to share your ideas, and not afraid to contribute, you’d be a welcome addition to the HNA family.








Name: Charles Zhou

University: Peking University

Location: Beijing

Current Rotation: Investment Banking Department, HNA Capital Group Co., Ltd.



After obtaining my PhD degree, I was lucky enough to join HNA and become a member of this world-class enterprise. HNA is like an aircraft carrier in the vast ocean, providing employees with various opportunities to showcase their talent. Here at HNA, we work together as colleagues and are always full of energy and spirit. I have been working at HNA for less than six months and in this short time, I have already taken part in multiple projects concerning private equity, exchangeable bonds, mergers and acquisitions and capital pooling, amongst many others.



I would like to tell future ITP participants that, here at HNA, you will be provided with many opportunities, be at the forefront of a leading-edge market, work to develop new and innovative ideas, work alongside kind managers and work as part of a cohesive team. Bring your ambition to HNA, and you will have a bright future!







Name: Lulu Song

University: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Location: Beijing

Current Rotation: Fund Management Department, HNA Investment Holding Co., Ltd., HNA Holding Group.




After studying abroad for five years, the decision to return to China and join HNA Group was one of the best choices I could have ever made. With the huge platform HNA provides to its employees, I have already had many opportunities to showcase my talents. In the short time I have been working at HNA, I have had the chance to participate in domestic and global capital markets, which has helped me to grow professionally. Whether I was involved in establishing a fund to attract international investors or issuing asset-backed securities in mainland China, I was not only gaining knowledge about a financial product but also I was inspired by the strategy and wisdom of the company.




I would like to say to future ITP participants that if you want to have a broad platform for your career and a bright future, come and join HNA Group!


案例7 于洋





Name:Yang Yu

University: University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign

Location: Xi’an

Current Rotation: Investment Banking Department, HNA Modern Logistics Group Co., Ltd.




Having been in HNA Modern Logistics for almost 3 months, what impresses me is that everything is changing here: HNA is a fast growing enterprise and I can guarantee that every day here will be very fruitful!



I want to say to 2017 ITP Candidates, as an ITPer, your skills and development can progress quickly here and I think this is a competitive advantage in all industries. You will agree that talented people are those working harder. Working at HNA is like one big family, everyone is friendly to each other and you can share your ideas and communicate freely. If you want to gain professional development and find a team to fight together, please join HNA!







Name: Dora Dou

University: Imperial College London

Location: Beijing

Current Rotation: General Administration Office, HNA IME Group Co., Ltd.




Graduates from all around the world can achieve maximum personal value at the platform of HNA. On this platform, great opportunities and challenges will be provided to employees, in order to improve team quality and individual ability continuously; world-class training programs can also improve the entire professionalization of the workforce.



HNA Group is continuing to expand in the globe. Therefore, international graduates will have more opportunities to exploit their talent here, and make new connections with like-minded people along the way. I believe that HNA Group will be your best choice!






Choose a company

HNA Group Headquatres

HNA Technology Group

HNA Tourism Group

HNA Capital Group

HNA Holding Group

HNA Modern Logistics Group

HNA Innovation Finance Group

HNA Innovation Media & Entertainment Group


• 海航集团总部

• 海航科技

• 海航旅业

• 海航资本

• 海航实业

• 海航现代物流

• 海航创新金融


Choose a functional area 

• Human Resources

• Investment Banking

• Branding and CSR

• Admistration

• Strategy Development

• Marketing & Sales

• Financial Management

• Compliance

• IT


• 人力资源

• 投资管理

• 品牌与社会责任

• 行政

• 战略规划

• 市场及销售

• 财务管理

• 合规法务

• 信息技术



1. Submit Application & Resume


2. First Round Interviews


3. Online Testing


4. Second Round Interviews


5. ob Offer!





When can I apply?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and we welcome applications all year round.




Where can I find out more information about HNA and ITP?

You can visit our website (www.hnagroup.com) to learn more about HNA and find out more about ITP on our careers page (http://hr.hnagroup.com).


可以浏览海航集团的网站 www.hnagroup.com和ITP的校园招聘网页http://hr.hnagroup.com。


How many vacancies are you recruiting for?

HNA now employees over 410 thousand people worldwide, and still continuously to seek outstanding talents from around the world. We do not have a set number of vacancies and by July 2017, across all of HNA’s divisions, over 800 new employees joined us through ITP, among which 40% are fresh graduate. We take into consideration business demands and candidate qualities.




What academic qualifications are you looking for?  

We accept undergraduate or higher level qualifications including Masters, PHD and MBA. We will take into account your academic qualifications and experience when assigning positions.




Does it matter what I’ve majored in?

We recruit talents from a wide range of backgrounds for a great variety of positions and are interested in your overall capabilities and skills. We do not have any limitations on majors except for positions where professional knowledge and skills may be required such as in accounting and investment banking.




Can I choose where I will be based on the program?

While we take into account your preferences, your chosen industry will be a factor in determining where you will be based.




How does the rotational element of the program work?

Rotation is voluntary and depends on your performance during the program and if you meet the requirements for the department you wish to rotate into. You have the option to rotate among different companies within one sub-industry group or you can choose to rotate among different functional areas such as human resources, administration, IT development management, financial investment, strategic planning, financial management and more.





I am interested in applying but I do not have permission to work in China, can you offer visa sponsorship?

Yes, we offer visa sponsorship for exceptional candidates. Successfully obtaining a visa depends on your eligibility and if you meet legal requirements. We cannot guarantee you will successfully obtain a visa.




I do not speak Mandarin, can I still apply?

While speaking Mandarin would be advantageous, it is not a requirement and many of our sub-industry companies are bilingual and operate in both English and Mandarin.